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Introduction to Quantum Computing

We will cover the basic quantum physics underlying the domain and then create individual accounts on IBM Q-Experience which allow us to compose small quantum codes (on 1-5-14 qubits).


We will go through the technical details of quantum logical gates and understand how to calculate the particular results - as well as through an introduction of the QASM-2 programming language. We will create small projects and analyse their results (Grover quantum search algorithm, quantum Fourier transform, etc).

Preliminary schedule by topics/tasks

(1) two state quantum mechanics - (2) quantum logical gates and calculating results - (3) QASM-2 programming language - (4) IBM Q-Experience accounts and small projects testing that we learned - (5) a more significant project of your choice (Grover, FFT, Deutsch-Jozsa, etc)

Required skills

Basic knowledge of quantum mechanics (quantum states, calculation of particle in quantum-well, spin-states). Basic knowledge of digital electronics in handling logical gate computations.

Acquired skills and experience

-- physics of digital two state quantum systems -- calculation of quantum logical gate circuits -- QASM-2 programming language -- designing quantum code for specific applications

Recommended literature

An introduction to quantum computing -

Full project description

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